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Jorge Mandelbaum

Presidente del Consejo de Administración del Centro de Implementación de Políticas Públicas para la Equidad y el Crecimiento (CIPPEC)

Jorge Mandelbaum is President of CIPPEC (Center for the Implementation of Public Policy), the most prestigious, independent and non-partisan think tank in Argentina.

CIPPEC focuses on issues in education, health, fiscal policy, justice and transparency, and was ranked by the University of Pennsylvania as the number one think tank in Argentina and one of the three best in Latin America.

He is now a consultant to the Board of Caja de Seguros S.A., Argentina’s largest insurance company.  He has served in its Board of Directors for the past 23 years.

He has also worked for a large grain trading conglomerate (of which five years were spent in the U.S.), and has partially owned and managed a bread manufacturing company.

For the past ten years, Mr. Mandelbaum has turned his interests and time to issues related to social and political development in Argentina. He was a partner in the most modern poultry operation in Argentina, which was created with the purpose of adding value to Argentine exports.

In 2005, Mr. Mandelbaum started Aportes, a management consulting firm that recruits proven successful business men and women to commit to pro bono work for non-profits that require professional services.

He is also a member of the International Advisory Council of the Brookings Institution.

Mr. Mandelbaum lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has four children and seven grandchildren. In addition to a love of classical music, aviation and running, Mr. Mandelbaum runs his own farm.